#4 Les Vampires (1916)


So before I get started, let me point out by saying that this serial film is not an early version of Twilight! There are no vampires whatsoever in this film! Louis Feuillade made a series of ten films about a journalist, Philippe, who’s determined to investigate The Vampires which are a gang of sinister characters with dark eyeliner hurling people out of windows, robbery, poisoning, and wreaking havoc everywhere they go.


Yeah that just happened…

So one thing you should know about this film is that it is known for being one of the longest films ever made. By long, I mean about seven hours long! But hey don’t worry! If I can do it, you can do it. Just pretend that you’re binge-watching a ten episode Netflix series…and the sound is broken. The things I do for you guys. That is if you’re still here…


So anyways, as much as I like this film, it does require a lot of patience. There were plenty of times when I had to keep rewinding certain parts because after awhile, you get confused whose identify is stolen or what the motives are in The Vampires considering each episode has a different crime occurring with a different motive. Write in the comments how long it took for you to finish this serial film. I give this gang a lot of credit as well as Philippe for being able to commit crime/fight crime without the use of technology. It’s pretty educational what methods and tools were used back in 1916. Write in if you think so.

I like that considering how long this movie is that we see what The Vampires are truly capable of that your urge for this gang to be caught gets stronger and stronger. There are many twists and turns in this story that make it all the more suspenseful and exciting. This gang is smart and deceptive and never miss a trick.


Still not about vampires!!!!

When Les Vampires first came out, it didn’t get the best reviews because it would get constantly compared to our previous film Birth of a Nation. Other than pan shots, occasional closeups, and colored tints, it doesn’t use the extensive amount of story-telling methods that D.W. Griffith used. I personally think the film style of Les Vampire looked more realistic. This film is still a legacy and should be seen for being responsible for bringing the crime thriller genre together and that if not for this film, there would be no Master of Suspense (a.k.a Alfred Hitchcock). This film is also responsible for getting French actress and director Musidora‘s career started. This series is a real thrill-ride! Take a chance!

Feast your eyes on the first serial film and comment what you think:


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