#16 Foolish Wives (1922)

So what was considered the most expensive film of the 1920s? Well, that would be Foolish Wives. Want to know just how expensive? $1,103,736.38. Wow, no wonder they call it “the million dollar movie!” The director himself, Erich von Stroheim, plays a con man who seduces rich women so he can take all he needs from them- $$$


With beautiful sets like these, how could this not be expensive?! Can you believe that this was all filmed in Universal Studios? I’ll admit that this is a plot that I’ve seen many times in modern days films whether the man is the gold digger or the woman. It was all around visually entertaining to see. This is one of the earliest films to also show that the main characters may be villains doing deceitful things but their lifestyle is so glamorous that it makes you want in on the fun. Just like when you see films like The Godfather or Goodfellas or 21. The final conclusion to me was surprising and very ironic to me. Maybe the title should have been “Foolish Gold Diggers” instead of blaming the women.

Watch the most expensive film of the 20s and tell me your thoughts on it:



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