#21 Sherlock Jr. (1924)


The slapstick genius Buster Keaton is back again with his incredible stunts, awkward situations and some laughter to make you smile. Sherlock Jr. is about a film projectionist who dreams of being a world-famous detective. He dreams himself solving a mystery, a wild chase scene involving bicycles, trains (of course), and cars, and saving the girl.


This film is one of the earliest to show a film within a film where Buster Keaton’s character dreams himself into the film he’s showing as he pictures himself as the greatest detective. It’s a creative idea considering all of the unbelievable stunts would only be possible in the world of film. After all, in the world of cinema, the laws of gravity don’t exist. There are no limits to what you can do. If only life can be a dream. Keaton really gives his all whenever he does his stunts for his films at the point where he risks and faces injuries. All in the power of art. It’s easy to identify with Keaton’s character in that we all have dreams of being these larger than life people. Working at a movie theater and having to see all of those films only makes those dreams you have grow stronger. If you can be anyone in the world, who would you be?


My favorite scene is when Keaton uses the movie showing at the theater as a guide for wooing a girl. When he stares straight into the camera, it’s like he’s staring at his audience asking us what he should do. This movie proves that all of the do-ers in this world started out as dreamers. It takes a lot of courage to turn those dreams into reality. Don’t you agree?

Here is Buster Keaton’s film within a film and please let me know what you think:




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