#25 The Eagle (1925)

So have any of you ever heard of Rudolph Valentino? Think of him as the Robert Pattinson of the 1920s. He was a heartthrob, charismatic, made women weak at the knees and considered the silent era’s sex symbol. That haunting gaze towards the camera could make any woman melt. He plays The Eagle– a masked vigilante who seeks revenge against the man who took his father’s land. The problem is that he’s in love with the daughter of the man he’s seeking revenge against.


Do any of you feel like this was the inspiration for films such as Robin Hood or Zorro? That’s what it seems to me. Especially Zorro for falling in love with the daughter of his nemesis. He’s a man of mystery and a master of disguise. He goes through the challenge of wondering whether seeking revenge should be the focus of his life or the woman he loves. While I really liked this film, the story went all over the place. The way things tied up were either nonsensical or just really rushed. Did you get that feeling as well? It’s still regarded as one of the best films for the masked anti-hero that is The Eagle and for the suave Rudolph Valentino


Here is The Eagle starring Rudolph Valentino and please respond with what you think:


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