#28 The Gold Rush (1925)

So this is the first film on the list where we are introduced to Charlie Chaplin’s character The Tramp. Ever heard of him? He’s that clumsy, animated little man with a short mustache, top hot, cane, and wears a suit a few sizes too small? Well, you’ll get to meet him in Charlie Chaplin’s personal favorite The Gold Rush all about a lone prospector who’s in search for gold and ends up finding new love.


This is known as the film that Charlie Chaplin wanted to be remembered for the most. It also happens to be the fifth grossing silent film ever. Charlie Chaplin may not use Buster Keaton‘s deadpan expression but they do have a lot in common such as they’re both slapstick geniuses and they both know how to turn tragedy into comedy. Do you prefer Chaplin over Buster Keaton? Charlie Chaplin made surviving a chilly winter storm stuck in a cabin so funny that you forget why it would be unbearable in real life. How to survive in a cabin 101– eat a cooked boot (don’t get any shoelaces caught in your teeth), imagine anyone else in the cabin as a live chicken, and run for your life!


My favorite scene was when the cabin gets pushed to the edge of the cliff during one out of the many blizzards in the film. It was a hilarious adventure seeing the cabin tipped over as The Tramp tries to get out before it falls to the bottom. I’ll admit this may not be my favorite Chaplin film but it’s a favorite to everyone else as it’s ended up on many film critics Best Comedy lists. The Tramp is the star in this film- that’s reason enough to see this film. What’s your favorite Charlie Chaplin film? 

Watch The Tramp in Charlie Chaplin’s favorite The Gold Rush and let me know what you think. For a better quality, find the film on Hulu:


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