#30 The Adventures of Prince Achmed (1926)

Does anyone know what the first ever animated film was? Well, I’m about to tell you because it’s next on this list called The Adventures of Prince Achmed made in Germany. It’s about a prince with a flying horse who goes on a magical adventure where he battles mythical creatives, meets Aladdin and falls for a beautiful princess.


Have you ever seen animation like this before in a movie? The only one I can think of is the sixth Harry Potter film in the Tale of Three Brothers scene. Don’t you agree? I loved the animation in this particular movie. I was so impressed with the animation I was seeing. No one today makes animation like this. Everything these days is CGI. You may think that this film was made with special effect tricks on the most advance animation software but that’s actually not the case. The characters are actually made of black cardboard cut-outs and thread was used to make them move. You would never know considering how detailed all of the movements are and how realistic it all is.


Watching this film didn’t feel like I was watching a puppet show or stick figures but like the animated films that we see today. Each character looked different and unique. I’ll admit sometimes it was a little confusing since there are no details in the faces and they’re all the same color. The parts that impressed me the most were the action sequences when the characters would transform into different creatures. That must have been very challenging to do. What sequence did you find to be visually creative? So if someone one day asks you what the first ever animated film was, now you know the answer.

Watch the first ever animated film and comment your reactions: 

Part One:

Part Two: 



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