#38 The Kid Brother (1927)

Introducing the man who’s considered the “third genius” of slapstick comedy, Harold Lloyd. His characters are optimistic, perform athletic stunts, and not exactly known for being brawn and muscular. Lloyd’s favorite of his films, The Kid Brother, is about how Harold Hickory is belittled for not being like his physically strong brothers but is about to test his strengths when his father’s money is stolen by con artists.


Did you know that this shot was done by having a camera being pulled up by an elevator? That’s pretty cool. That’s before the use of dollies (the machine not the child’s toy). Harold Lloyd follows what Buster Keaton aspires his characters to become- unlikely heroes. That you don’t need to have bulging muscles or be six feet tall or even good looking to be a hero. You just have to have the brains to know how important the goal is and to never give up. Even if you have to row your enemy home to save the day (no, literally that happens. Harold Lloyd is very creative). What’s your favorite gag in the film? Be prepared to laugh and smile at Lloyd’s inventive gags and lively adventures as he tries to save the day and the love of his life.


I was very impressed with this scene as well when Harold feels like he’s had enough being scared of his enemy and being pushed around. He decides to fight his battle and a huge cloud of smoke surrounds them, only increasing the suspense. If you like slapstick comedy geniuses like the ones we’ve seen previously on this list, you’ll love this one.

Watch Harold Lloyd’s The Kid Brother and comment what you think:


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