#39 The Crowd (1928)

The Big Parade’s King Vidor is back with his social drama film The Crowd. After being told by his father at a young age to be somebody important and ahead of the crowd, John Sims gets married after a double date and you see the struggles and downfalls of marriage.


Here’s one thing that I couldn’t help but notice while seeing this movie. How Eleanor Boardman looks so much like Teri Polo. Do you agree? 


The Crowd is a film that many people weren’t used to in those days. This film is not heartwarming like Sunrise was but it also wasn’t deadly like Greed. It shows how it’s nice to be in love and have a family but that doesn’t mean that tragedy doesn’t ever creep its way in or that love is enough to keep a marriage together. I like how realistic this film was. How no matter how hard you try to avoid it, every couple squabbles and wants different things. I also like how this film shows how the fight for the American Dream to be somebody in this world and to stand apart from the rest is not an easy journey. That who cares if you blend in with the crowd as long as you’re happy? How do you feel about The American Dream and are you currently searching for it?


Unfortunately, people like Louis B. Mayer, chief of MGM, didn’t care for the film because of its deep and contradicting subject matter and he felt like the ending wasn’t happy enough. That to me baffles me! I personally felt like the ending was too happy for me and I was hoping it would be more realistic. People back then were used to seeing an ending that sparked shooting stars and rainbows inside of you instead of telling you a story of how harsh reality is. That’s why people liked to go to the movies then- to escape reality. What did you think about the ending? This movie is also known for something that may seem strange today but disturbing back then- it was the first movie to show…

A TOILET!!!!! First toilet to be shown on screen. Now if someone asks you which was the first film to show a toilet, now you know! This film was also known for being nominated for Best Director and Best Unique and Artistic Direction. This film also was filmed on location in New York City where all of the extras you see in the film are not actors but real people including police officers who told King Vidor to clear away who didn’t know he was in the shot. It was kept in anyways.


Unfortunately, this film is not available on YouTube or streaming sites. Here’s a clip from the film and write your reactions: 


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