#43 Steamboat Bill, Jr. (1928)

Introducing the last Buster Keaton film made by his independent production company before making his move to MGM. The thing is that you can’t watch a Buster Keaton film and feel sad. It’s impossible. Buster Keaton took such strong feats to ensure his audience would laugh that we can’t help but laugh back. Steamboat Bill Jr. is about how the clumsy son of a brawny steamboat captain couldn’t be more different from each other but proves his strength when trying to rescue his father and the woman he loves from a rival tycoon and a tornado.


Behold the most dangerous stunt Buster Keaton has ever done! It’s incredible how real that was. There was no CGI and no stuntman. That house really did fall on him! Some say that if Buster Keaton stood a few steps away, he would have been seriously hurt or killed. Keaton’s ex-wife would speculate that Keaton did that stunt because since he dealt with a lot of hardships during the time of this film, that he didn’t care if he got killed. Do you believe Keaton was suicidal or just a daredevil?

The whole cyclone scene was amazing and looked really fun to do! I consider Buster Keaton to be the comedian without fear. He’s also a comedian that shows everyone how important it is to root for the underdog because there’s an underdog in all of us. There’s a part of us that feels we aren’t everything our parents hoped we would be and that makes us ashamed. That doesn’t mean there isn’t a hero in all of us as well. It’s also funny how people consider comedians such as Buster Keaton and Harold Lloyd to be these scrawny men when I’m sure they have more athleticism in their entire lifetime than we’ll ever have. Wait a second…cyclone…falling house…notice any similarities between this film and another little known fantasy film that’s in technicolor? Hmm? Hmm?


This is my favorite scene throughout the whole film because it screams hilarity! Napoleon Dynamite can’t even stone face the way Buster Keaton can. You would think that stone face is just one expression but Keaton can make a whole language out of it. From impressed, to debonair, to freaked out, to nothing exciting. This will be the closest we ever get to see Buster Keaton model for Vogue. Just sayin’!

Enjoy Buster Keaton’s last independent film and comment your laughs:


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