#47 Pandora’s Box (1929)

Does anyone remember their Greek mythology? Pandora opened a box given to her by the G-ds which released all of the evil in the world. Georg Wilheim Pabst’s Pandora’s Box is about a promiscuous flapper whose sexuality brings danger and harm to those around her.


When people think of what the women of The Roaring Twenties looked like, they think of actress Louise Brooks. And how can you not? Those flashy dresses and bobbed haircut which she popularized to fit the 1920s trend.


In her performance as femme fatale Lulu, her eyes bring out so much lust and mystery through each male target she sees. She also brings out her naivety in her obliviousness that the things she does to lure men cause deadly consequences. This film is considered one of the most daring films made and I understand why. There was a lot of sexual content without showing anything. You just knew what she was thinking of doing with those men. Pandora’s Box is also know as one of the first films to have lesbian undertones in which it looks clear that the character of Countess Geschwitz is clearly eyeing Lulu in jealousy as she continues flirting with other men. Funnily enough, the actress playing her didn’t even see it at the time as playing a lesbian. During those times, no one would. It would be too shocking to think of. It was interesting bringing Jack the Ripper into the story later to show how nativity comes at a cost.

Watch the film Pandora’s Box and comment what you think:


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