#52 L’Age D’Or (1930)

Remember that Luis Buñuel film that shocked and repulsed audiences called Un Chien Andalou? Well, here is another Buñuel film about how when a man and woman want to consummate their love to one another, they can constantly pulled away by the elegant society they live in and the Catholic Church called L’Age D’Or (The Age of Gold).


Yes, she really is sucking the toe of that statue which is insinuating that she’s thinking of…well…you know. This surrealist film really doesn’t shy away from its sexual nature as you can see. It’s French after all which means you see many themes of la amour in their films. The bourgeois society believes in keeping all of those orgies to be in the privacy of the home. In Un Chien Andalou, Salvador Dalí worked with Buñuel. This time around is a different story in which Dalí wanted nothing to do with this film up to the point where on the first day of shooting, Buñuel chased Dalí off set with a hammer! Extreme, right? 


Surrealist films are known for putting in disturbing images (mummified bishops, cow on the bed, etc) in ways that may not make sense to an audience but have the potential of making sense or at least to the filmmaker behind the images. I mean, come on! The film starts with a 12 minute documentary on scorpions– that dangerous predator that inserts venom into it’s prey, an allusion to the bourgeois trying to get rid of sexual libido! The reactions to this film were very intense just like in Un Chien Andalou. Want to know how intense? I’m talking throwing-purple ink-onto-the-screen-and slashing-the-paintings-of-famous-artists-including-Salvador Dalí-instense! Want to scare and repulse some rich people? This film will do the trick!

There’s a copy of this film on YouTube but there’s not English subtitles. Here’s a clip from the film and I recommend seeing the film on Amazon Prime if you have it: 


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