#53 Earth (1930)

Okay, so we’re back to the silent films! We’ve seen a lot of revolutionary films such as Sergei Eisenstein’s Strike and Battleship Potemkin that show how the characters in the film are forced to live a certain way that slowly sheds their dignity and they decide to take a stand. Alexander Dovzhenko’s Earth is a little different where the story is not what’s important but it’s all about the beautiful images as farmers go through the conflicting transformation of collectivization.  


Collectivization was when the private ownerships of farms were abolished. With many montage sequences to get the poetic sense of the life of these farmers really make an impact. The wheat, the fresh fruit, the horses, the tractor. My favorite sequence is when the farmers make the bread. With extreme close-ups and rapid shots, you see just how intense it was to make it.  The events surrounding this film really did happen in history at the time when Stalin wanted to control the farming industry in the Ukraine in 1929. The message by the end of the movie may still appear to be ambiguous but it’s a visually exciting film.

Watch Earth and comment what you think:


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