#55 Limite (1931)

There’s always that person who creates a one hit wonder that brings that person so much instant fame that there’s no need to continue doing any more work considering the millions they’ve made off that one thing. That would be the case for 19-year-old filmmaker Mario Peixoto except this one hit wonder was considered nonexistent until 50 years later. Peixoto had two unfinished films and an unfilmed screenplay. He became a recluse off the island of Rio de Janeiro. His masterpiece was called Limite about exploring the pasts of three people as they’re on a boat together.


Look how beautiful that image is. There’s so many of them in this film. It’s very poetic how Peixoto takes his time to introduce his audience to the characters and their surroundings without any words. You see the wind blowing through the trees, the flowing water in the ocean as the sun shines on it, the close-up of a train’s wheel spinning.


There’s a reason why this film is considered the Un Chien Andalou of Brazil in which the emotions of the actors are shown in super-closeups where we can get to know them psychologically. We see a mix of beautiful shots that make up the film instead of the plot. It reminds me a lot of kino-eye where the camera represents the eyes that guides the film along to everything in a dream-like state. It unfortunately happens to the best artists where their work is not recognized until after their death and luckily this film has been found and on every film critic’s must-watch list. Also keep this in mind when watching the film- this was David Bowie’s favorite movie!

Watch Brazil’s silent classic and comment what you think:



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