#62 Vampyr (1932)

So we’ve seen about two movies on this list that are about vampires. Introducing vampire movie number three done by Carl Theodor Dreyer, filmmaker of The Passions of Joan of Arc. This fantasy-horror film, Vampyr, is about a fan of the supernatural becomes involved in a situation where a young girl horrifically becomes a vampire.


Ever had a nightmare before? Whether you were a child or even as an adult today? You know, like when you see that scary movie that your parents or your conscious told you it wasn’t a good idea to see but saw it anyways. Well, I’m sure that nightmare looked similar what you see in this film. Ghostly images, shadows moving on their own, the grim reaper, a vampire’s lust for your blood, and the scariest image- being buried alive! Believe it or not, that dream-like sequences was done by putting a gauze over the lens to make that foggy tint. These images appear in a montage of sorts in a random yet stylish fashion just like the way dreams work. This is also a good film to see if you know slim to nothing about vampires (don’t rely on Twilight!) or would just like more information. You realize that there’s more than just simply biting people for their blood for them to be horrifying.


Vampyr used mostly non-actors to be in this film that he ran into in shops and cafes. One was a French widow, another was a journalist, and another was a model. Julian West who played Allan Grey was so loaded being from being of Russian nobility that he agreed to finance the film as long as he was the lead. Well, that’s one way to snag a lead role! Do you believe these actors played their roles with justice or Dreyer should have just gotten professional actors?  For all horror film fans- I bring you your next film to see.

Watch this German-French horror film and let me know what you think:



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