#86 The Thin Man (1934)

Want to see a working and loving marriage that you can be envious of with some murder mystery on the side? Lucky for you, that’s what you’ll see next on this list. The Thin Man is about a married couple who decide to solve a murder case despite trying to live their lives in peace.


When Nick’s old friend vanishes after his girlfriend is murdered, Nick decides to take on the case despite his retirement and wanting to settle with his rich heiress of a wife, Nora. But it’s Nora herself who encourages Nick to take on this case just for the fun of it. No big deal or anything. Just trying to solve a murder here all to be summed up during dinner! What I like with this film is how it takes on a different twist in mysteries in how light hearted it is. There are no stakes and there aren’t any traumatic, tense moments that happen. Unlike M. It’s just a couple enjoying each other’s company with a case to give them something to do.William Powell and Myrna Loy make a great team. They play off each other well with their flirty and playful banter and how they treat one another like equals. In unconventional ways maybe such as convincing your husband to do a dangerous task instead of warding him away and knocking out your wife to avoid being in the line of fire. 


Then they have cute moments like giving presents on Christmas or Nick telling Nora first who the murderer is. I love the look on Nick’s face when Nora tells him “It’s a good thing you’re not a detective!” No wonder they went on to make five more films together in the series. They were a success! And to think this pairing was about to be casted differently when producers were scared William Powell would be too old for the part which baffles me. The hardest scene for him was the dinner scene when the answer to the mystery is revealed. I don’t blame him. The whole mystery was becoming so confusing for me that I had to watch the film a couple of times. For him to be able by the end of the day to memorize that whole complicated scenario was amazing. So do you and your spouse have a relationship like Nick and Nora?

Unfortunately I couldn’t find a copy of this film anywhere but I know you can rent it on Amazon for $2.99. Here’s the trailer for the film:



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