#117 Olympia Part 1 and 2 (1938)

Introducing the first documentary ever about the Olympics! Leni Riefenstahl returns for Olympia, a documentary about the Berlin 1936 Olympic games and the extraordinary talent we witness in each sporting event. 

Ugh! What an image! To think that this film was made possible by Adolf Hitler. Just like Triumph of the Will, this film is another type of Nazi Germany propaganda. I wonder what thoughts were going on in Hitler’s mind when he saw a quarter of black athletes win for the U.S. team. The 1936 Berlin games was known for seeing Jesse James win the gold, making him also known as the fastest man alive. Considering Hitler didn’t like black people as well as Jews, I’m sure he wasn’t happy about this. To think that Mack Robinson, brother of Jackie Robinson, lost to Jesse Owens by .4 seconds. Write in if you would be mad at the world too. It would make me wonder how my life would go if I was just .4 seconds faster.

This documentary used a lot of innovative filmmaking techniques as we saw such as extreme close-ups, tracking shots, different camera angles, and more to show the beauty of athleticism. We see plenty of sports in the Summer Olympics such as rowing, diving, running, pole vaults, etc. My favorite sport to see was the diving as we saw the beautiful matching editing techniques and were able to get a good view of the divers from the board to the water. What was your favorite sport to see? This was a good Olympics event to watch as we saw the underdogs achieve victory as well as celebrate the beauty of the human sport. 

Witness the 1936 Olympics and comment what you think:


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